Touch your conscious and feel that you exist 

The matter is tangible since I reach and feel it. By reflecting reality I touch the things in the world perceived by me. And the feelings at the background of perception can identify who am I, who are you, what is happening in the world and what time is it now and here, at this place for me…

Knowledge has at least two directions. One is to know what is around me and another is to understand what is inside me, as a phenomenon.

I am as individual as deeply I differ from the individuals surrounding me with my own individual life.

There is a huge difference between existence and living. When is the moment that I start breathing alive? At the very moment, when my inner world becomes available to me, when I start thinking and cognition of myself. This is the condition which causes transformation and huge movements in the bottom of our spirit. This is the time for metamorphosis.

In order to understand, I need alertness and watchful conscious. And understanding will grow up from my own feelings. Self-conscious can give me the feeling of identity, because only it can help me define myself.

That’s why I take my hand for the action and I am ready to touch myself from the outside, from the reality to the deep bottoms, to feel that I exist, that you exist and it is real what I see. And now I, going from unreality to reality is active and tangible, that’s why I suggest you to touch me and feel that we both really exist.


Kristine Tusiashvili

+49 157 38555247